New programmes for 2018

  • Grade 2

This 15-week course will be phased in in 2018.  It’s a practical, playful way of learning concepts like: one to one comprehension, number comprehension, classification and number symbols, comparison, forms, space, parts and whole, arrangement and patterns, measurement (length, volume/capacity, mass, temperature), time, fractions and graphs.

Our aim is that the learners (in groups of 7) identify mathematical concepts, learn mathematical language, increase tactile sensation, fine motor functions, gross motor functions  and self-awareness.

A clinical phycologist and special needs teacher will train a MathMentor and two MathMoms per school for four weeks and then weekly to prepare the lesson.

  • Uitkyk-anties

In 2018, we will start this program in three school communities.

It will run from the second term until middle the end of the exams in November.

Training will take place in the first term of 2018.

Ten unemployed mothers will be identified by the MathMoms and the schools, because we recognise motherhood as a catalyst for powerful change.

They will go through a six-week training program on parenting skills, how to build a safe community, and the special needs of children.  The training will be done by a psychologist and the coordinator.

The Uitkyk-antie must identify ground phase children in her immediate vicinity.

The children will be accompanied by the Uitkyk-antie to the school twice a week, where she will help the child with homework and see that the child understands the work.  Reading with the child will also get priority.

She will then accompany each child back to their home.